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We’ve brought together some commonly asked questions about orders, prices, payments, our products, and more, so we hope you’ll find the answers you need. 

How do I order custom clothing?

Personalized clothes are made easy with the NERDS. Choose a piece of clothing from our wide range of products. Send us your design and where you want to place it. Our team of designers will recommend the best printing technique. 


How much does a custom T-shirt cost?

The price of a custom T-shirt depends on the product chosen and the customization. For example, our best-seller the Creator T-shirt with a 1-color print on the chest would cost you 6,55€ htva per T-shirt for an order of 100pcs.


How can I make clothes that are sustainable?

All our products are GOTS certified. The GOTS certification is the highest qualification of ecological & social responsibility in the fashion industry. From the sourcing of the cotton to the work conditions, every product we sell is made with respect for both people and planet. We also use water-based inks and GOTS certified embroidery threads.


Is there a minimum order quantity?

To be able to customise your clothes you need to order a minimum of 10 pieces per model. Keep in mind that our prices decrease with the more quantity you order.

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Let's Work Together

The NERDS will assist you every step of the way.

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